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The Scalp and Hair Clinic

Ribí Hair and Scalp  clinic was established to offer a private, confidential and professional service to members of the public suffering from hair loss and scalp disorders.

The clinic is held by appointment only.

Fees for Ribí Clinic

  • Thorough Consultation including hair and scalp scan: €90
  • Other basic Consultation only without a scalp scan  (eg. Hair systems) €60
  • Review-consultation €40 (within one year)
  • Treatments  ranges  between €20 – €50
  • Medications from €11
  • GP referrals welcomed but are not necessary.

If you wish further information please do not hesitate to contact us


Conditions treated include:

Male pattern baldness, Female hair loss, Patchy hair loss, Diffuse hair shedding, Seborrhoeic eczema, Contact dermatitis, Psoriasis, Scaling conditions, Itching scalp, Folliculitis, Scalp Infections, Afro/Caribbean hair conditions, Tangled or knotted hair, damaged hair

The Consultation

The consultation process is very thorough and may take up to an hour. During the consultation all aspects of your scalp/hair problem will be discussed at length to determine the correct diagnosis of your condition. The Consultant will explain the nature of your disorder, give specific advice, answer your questions, and if necessary suggest a treatment regime. We will write to your GP requesting certain blood tests or sometimes to a specific medical specialist for further investigation.

The clinic is able to offer scalp and hair treatments if prescribed. Specialist trichological preparations made in our clinic aare used during treatment and can be purchased for use at home if desired. Treatment is not suggested unless the consultant feels it necessary or beneficial. The clinic conforms strictly to the strong ethical code of the Institute.

Consultation Checklist:

  • Avoid washing hair 24 hours prior to appointment
  • Take a note or bring with you all prescription medication and any other medications being taken
  • Please bring results of blood test in the last three months if available
  • Consultation fee: Please be aware that no cheques accepted

If you are unable to keep your appointment please notofy us as soon as possible as there is usually a waiting list for appointments.


During a consultation the Trichologist is able to gather detailed information about the Patient’s condition lifestyle, health, family history in addition to a detailed hair and scalp analysis. These will help the Trichologist to make a diagnosis and prognosis from the facts obtained.

When it comes to successfully treating any hair and scalp condition, the importance of a good consultation in order to make a correct diagnosis cannot be underestimated since everything else that follows is agreeable to that end.

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