First visit

What to expect during first visit

Consultations on all types of scalp & hair conditions
  • During the consultation with the Trichologist, we might request for blood tests to be carried out in order to offer the correct treatment and give the patient a proper prognosis. This is because blood tests can provide information that is crucial in the treatment of the hair condition. This is also done in conjunction with other tests and general wellness checks. At Ribí Clinic these form an integral part of our holistic treatment approach to addressing hair loss and scalp problems.
  • In some cases we would consult with your general practitioner and other medical specialists about your blood test results in order to ensure we offer the best and efficient treatment to our patients.
  • The consultation usually lasts an hour and in some cases a hair scalp scan termed tricho scan will be carried out in conjunction to the physical examination of the hair and scalp.
Trichoscan (Hair & Scalp Scan)

Trichoscan is a method of assessing a condition of the hair and scalp using a videodermatoscopic techonology. The scan allows an assessment of the hair diameter, scalp analysis, hair roots analysis and hair shaft analysis. It also allows estimating the hair density and diameters in different zones of the scalp and accessing hair distribution in follicular units.

What happens at the consultation?
  • At the initial consultation:
  • A full case history is taken.
  • The hair and scalp is thoroughly examined.
  • Samples are taken (if required for microscopic examination).
  • A preliminary diagnosis is made for the complaint.
  • Tests are arranged to confirm or complete the diagnosis.
  • Treatment for the problem is arranged*

The consultation is private (not available on the medical card) and is usually not covered by medical insurances (please check with your provider).

After the initial consultation we will liaise with either your GP as most blood tests and treatments for disorders which affect the hair and cause hair loss* or scalp problems can be covered by the medical card. However in cases where we we need more tests which your GP is unable to get done we will have to request our private lab to carry out the test.

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