What is trichology

Trichology is the science of the structure, function and diseases of the human hair.

Clinical Trichology is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the human hair and scalp

Reasons to contact Ribí Trichology Clinic

For qualified professional guidance and opinion you can trust contact RíBi Trichology Clinic this is because at RiBí Clinic we appreciate the fact that hair loss can be very distressing for those affected and getting the right diagnosis, prognosis and treatment is very crucial for the achievement of self-confidence. This is because there are so many misunderstandings about the causes and treatments of hair loss from the non specialists. For this reason, it is advisable to contact a trichologist (a specialist for hair and scalp conditions) for effective treatment, resolution and advice if you are affected by any of the following or need advice in any specialist areas such as:

Hair loss of any kind

There are different types of hair loss, the commonest of them is the one commonly referred to as ‘MALE PATTERN BALDNESS’ which can affect both male and female regardless of its name. Depending on the kind of hair loss and its cause, the qualified trichologist with her expertise will be able to help and advice the patient appropriately in order to reduce the the patients anxiety.
o It’s important for patients to realise that Alopecia means hair loss and there are different types of Alopecia of which the commonest one usually referred to Alopecia is Alopecia areata. There are different types of hair loss some of which can respond to treatment and advice even without medical assistance.

Problems of the scalp

The trichologists deals with a lot of conditions associated with the scalp which takes a lot of the clinic time. Problems of the scalp could range from very itchy scalp, to dandruff to a more inflammatory conditions

Additionally the management of very greasy scalp and hair is another common condition that the trichologist deals with. As a professional, the trichologist is in a better position to inform patients of the issues that they have, how to help improve them and to care for their hair and scalp and inform them of what types of treatments and/or products to use. It’s all about finding the cause for hair loss and scalp conditions as well as the treatments.

Hair Texture and Manageability Problems for Chemically and physically damaged hair
  • Hair texture problems usually arise as a result of the physical and chemical abuse to the hair derived from most salon services or self inflicted damage such as over exposure to heat or chemicals.
  • With the help of professional advice from the trichologist hair texture problems can respond very well with treament
Pharmaceutical preparations

In certain cases mostly with scalp disorders, the trichologist will prescribe shampoos and treatment creams for home use or in the clinic. In most cases we use our own preparations for treatments in the clinic.

Other services for which one can contact a trichologist includes
  • Consultation and advice on hair transplantation
  • Advice on the choice of hair replacement systems in instances where patient wants instant hair. For more information, our hair replacement specialist team is available to assist
  • Advise on hair and scalp care for pre and post hair loss due to chemotherapy treatment as well as those who habitually pull their hair.
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