During a consultation the Trichologist is able to gather detailed information about the Patient’s condition lifestyle, health, family history in addition to a detailed hair and scalp analysis. These will help the Trichologist to make a diagnosis and prognosis from the facts obtained.
When in comes to successfully treating any hair and scalp condition, the importance of a good consultation inorder to make a correct diagnosis cannot be underestimated since everything else that follows is agreeable to that end.

Health insurance covers the cost of wigs in most cases but you should check with your insurance company about the type of cover that they provide. You can claim the amount back at the end of the medical year with your out-patients expenses.

Medical Card Holders

The Wig Clinic is an authorised HSE registered wig supplier. If you are a medical card holder the HSE provide an allowance for medical related hair loss. The amount varies according to the HSE region. A specialist letter from your oncology nurse/consultant or a doctor’s letter and your medical card number are required. The Wig Clinic will claim this money on your behalf for your chosen wig.

Private Insurance

You can claim for your wig through your private health insurance. The amount received will depend on your health insurance plan or policy. Please contact your health insurer for details.

MED1 Application Form

If you have neither of the above you can claim on a MED1 application form, which can be obtained from your local tax office or downloaded at

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