Hair and scalp therapy

Our hair and scalp therapy is an essential part of clinical treatment used in treating different hair and scalp conditions. It involves the use of different electrotherapy treatments and massage to assist the recovery of hair loss and help with scalp problems such as psoriasis.

Some Benefits of Electrotherapy Treatment:

  • It increases metabolism by accelerating metabolism inorder for oxygen and nutrients to be used up so that there is decreased demand for them but output of waste products is increased.
  • It helps in increasing blood supply by increasing the dilation of blood vessels for more nutrients and oxygen to be supplied to the hair whilst waste products are eliminated
  • Treatment allows more antibodies and white blood cells to area
  • It helps to resolve inflammation
  • Electrotherapy treatment helps in relieving pain

Some Benefits of Hair and Scalp Massage

  • Massage increases blood flow to and from the skin allowing nutrients and fresh oxygenated blood to be brought to the area in order to nourish tissues and help tissue repair.
  • Massage helps remove waste through the lymph nodes, help drain excess fluid which can prevent fluid retention.
  • Massage increases sebaceous activities keeping the skin soft and supple it also produces a sense of relaxation and well being reducing stress.
A pretty young blonde woman receiving a scalp and head massage in a spa
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