Kindly say a big thank you to Mary and the staff at Ribí, Mary is so good at what she does, very professional and respects the privacy of the patient. She was so good with the consultation that she was able to get to the bottom of my condition and used all the best available solutions, support and treatment to ensure my hair grows back. I was very sceptical about the laser hair regrowth initially due to a previous bad experience with a hair transplant I had. I had a hair transplant done somewhere and because I did not receive the right advice, support and care my hair did not get any better but grew worse . Mary was able to answer all the questions I asked professionally, she was straight forward and very knowledgeable in her field so I decided to give it a go and I can see a huge difference in my hair.
She advised me of the benefits of the laser hair regrowth which included improving transplanted hair. I am so thankful to Mary for being patient with me and I am glad I had the laser sessions because my hair would have deteriorated if I didn’t start the treatment. I am on my third session of laser and I am very pleased with it. I wish I had come in earlier to the clinic to receive treatment. Thank you Ribí Trichology Clinic.

Mary Safo-Ankoma